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Fifth Evolution: Biography

Fifth Evolution is an American Roots Rock band best known for performing throughout the State of Michigan from 2005 to 2013, under the former name MacLaren Brennan. In 2014 the band changed their name to signal the start of a new era. Over the past years they shared the stage with Great White, Harlet, Finding Clyde, Dio's Disciples, Riot V, and Jackyl. The band consist of Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar-David MacLaren, Vocals/Drums-Brian Lombard, and Vocals/Keyboard-Jeff Moulton.  

Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitarist, David was born in Alma MI, August 18th 1974. David has been writing music since 1989. Before David started his writing, he sang and played music with his father, since he was four years old. His father played in bars and clubs during the 60's, 70's and 80's and had one of his own songs on the radio "Slippin Around". David admired his father and decided to start his own musical journey. He has formed and performed in other bands in the last three decades, Distortion, Noreth, Madison Creek, MacLaren Brennan, and Fifth Evolution. In 2004, he recorded an album with his former band 'Madison Creek,' but it was never released. In 2008, David collaborated his 'Madison Creek' album with a previous music partner's album, entitled 'MacLaren Brennan - Burnt Bridges.' In 2009, David released an all acoustic album with 'MacLaren Brennan' named 'Only A Real Man.'

Vocals/Drummer Brian Lombard was born in Alma, Michigan, March 25th 1967.  Brian joined the band in August of 2011. He comes from a very musically inclined family. Back in the early 60's his Dad, Dick Lombard was in one of Michigan's top 5 bands. It was called the Dave Bailey Quartet. They band played all over the state of Michigan, almost every weekend. Dick would be singing and playing the rhythm or bass guitar somewhere around Michigan. At age 12, Brian started playing the spoons to his Dad’s guitar. After about a month of spoon clicking, his Dad finally bought him a snare drum, and eventually, a Pearl drum set.  Brian played his first show with his Dad at the age of 13 in Elwell, Michigan, now known as the Ghost House Saloon. Back then the place was called Sophie’s Lounge. Since then, he’s played in a few bands all over the state of Michigan and in some parts of Ohio. A few of the bands that Brian has played in are, Midnight Express, Hooker Band, Long Shot, Revolver, Louie Langora, the Troubadours and a few more he can’t remember.  Brian has played all types of music, he grew up on Country Music from the 70's, Rock, Christian Rock, and Pop, and he loves playing it all. Brian and his Dad get together at family fish fry's every now and then and play some of their music from the past. Brian says it’s a lot of fun and it also brings back a lot of memories of the songs he played back then. Brian says he’s blessed being able to play music with his Dad, and he still thinks that he is the greatest musician that he’s ever played with.

Vocals/Keyboardist Jeff Moulton grew up in Flushing MI, and moved to the mid-Michigan area in his mid-20s. Jeff joined the band in October 2012. He took piano lessons for many years and was classically trained but started playing rock music in high school and that became his main focus. He took piano lessons from the same woman that taught his mother, his two Uncles, and Aunt to play when they were growing up. He comes from a very musical family and his brother is a talented guitar player and drummer. For many years growing up there was a drum set and guitars set up next to piano which would lead to long jam sessions with friends that would stop by. He had many musical influences growing up, but mainly listened to classic rock and alternative music such as Tom Petty, the Black Crowes, and Jack Johnson. He was in a band for several years in his early 20's that played shows around the Flint area. It was during this time that he developed an interest in songwriting and started writing his own songs.

Fifth Evolution are working on a new album for 2018.  Keep an ear open and you might hear their songs on the radio from their past decade.  Find Fifth Evolution playing somewhere near you.  

Special 'Thanks' to everyone that has been with us from the beginning of the ride. You are the reason and the motivation behind this band. Without YOU, we wouldn't be doing what we are doing. We look forward to seeing all of our Family, Friends, and Fans in 2018!!!